I-Seminar: Measuring the Execution of a National Promotion Launch

The Path to Purchase Institute hosted an I-Seminar on the subject of “Measuring the Execution of a National Promotion Launch” on August 11 featuring Dan Sabanosh, Director of Shopper Marketing for Great Northern Instore.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the I-Seminar slides.

Dan shared the results of an in-store execution measurement pilot program he developed for the recent Pepsi Emoji product launch. He provided details on the scalable, customizable solution Great Northern Instore developed to provide real-time store-level execution information. Here are some highlights:

  • Our Mission at Great Northern Instore is, “We help our customers win by doing what other can’t or won’t.  We know that a program is not complete when it ships from our facility.  We realize success means our customer achieves success, measured by great returns from its investment.
  • In-store execution of displays continues to be an area of opportunity.  POPAI’s compliance study survey has shown that only 41% of displays were set-up as planned (2014 POPAI Compliance Initiative).  The survey also showed that where displays were executed, strong sales lifts followed.  Imagine unlocking greater sales and profits by collaborating to achieve better execution.
  • Great Northern Instore collaborated with Pepsi to launch its national Emoji program instore across the grocery, mass, drug, dollar, and convenience retail environments.  A portfolio of displays were developed to highlight the brand, campaign, and personalized packaging.  From there, Great Northern Instore collaborated on how to measure the execution of this huge program.
  • A pilot was developed in two key test-markets.  This pilot utilized a Great Northern Instore solution consisting of two connected parts.  A customizable data collection app utilized by Pepsi’s DSD team and an interactive dashboard that allowed Pepsi to view execution and results in real-time and afforded the opportunity to course correct immediately to drive business results.  Contact us to learn more about how these tools worked and can directly connect execution to POS sales numbers to truly connect sales and execution.

iSeminar - Great Northern Instore
View a recording of the I-Seminar or click here to download a PDF copy of the I-Seminar slides.

If you will be at Path to Purchase Expo (P2Px) come to our booth #301 for a full demo of the app.

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