Great Northern Instore Announces August Instore Excellence Award

APPLETON, WI., September 29, 2016 –  Great Northern Instore is excited to announce that the winner of the August Instore Excellence Award is our Chippewa Falls/Swedesboro team for Bai All Natural Drinks.

The Instore Excellence Award is an internal competition between Great Northern Instore creative teams. Creative team designers and engineers are experts in concept development, ensuring creative and practical solutions that fit seamlessly into the retail environment.

The Chippewa Falls/Swedesboro team was challenged to create a family of hutches/case stackers that minimized the number of displays and maximized the number of configurations of product sold at retail. The displays needed to be structurally sound and easily assembled in store.

The team’s solution included four displays that maintained brand consistency throughout all four designs. The designs are upscale and clean, with 100% litho graphics. This was also the first project to use the patent pending, QuickSet™ Hutch as part of a full-fledged CPG rollout. In a matter of 90 days, Chippewa Falls/Swedesboro designed and produced over 15,000 turnkey displays!


Congratulations to the Great Northern Instore Chippewa Falls/Swedesboro Team!

Design of the Times Award Winners

Gold Award Winners

hot-wheels-make-it-epic-qp-dump-bin_-no-background Hot Wheels “MAKE IT EPIC” Dump Bin

This bin is a high impact merchandising destination, designed to drive impulse purchases of Hot Wheels™ cars, track sets and other track building components. The dramatic oversize track and bold colors of this display create a beacon for the targeted audience. The inclusion of actual track pieces around the bin created an additional level of excitement at retail.

pepsi-super-bowl-tower-display Pepsi Superbowl 50 Spanner

This themed merchandising vehicle promoted the purchase of cased and single serve Pepsi product, while reinforcing the company’s longstanding sponsorship of the event. The display is over 8 feet tall with an open area between the towers to create a dramatic focal point for the product. Elements of the spanner structure are pre-assembled to ease in-store execution.


Silver Award Winners

logitech-2 Logitech PC Gaming and Color Collection Pallet 

This compelling display program for Staples Canada, featured two completely different product lines while maintaining a visual link identifying they are both from the same product company. The display uses its unique shape and bright colors to command consumer attention.

The playfulness of the yellow along with the pattern characters create a strong visual hook, while the rich black and electric blue combination gives this segment the high end techy look that Logitech is known for.

 speck Speck Floor Display

This display is two sided shoppable and uses bright colors to attract the consumers attention. Consumers are able to touch and feel the product in the top demo areas, which also highlight product attributes. Product is secured using retractable tethers to ensure security. The Speck displays ship pre-packed, increasing execution at retail.

endcap Logitech Office Depot Endcap

This unique, curving display attracts customer attention with bright product graphics, large billboard messaging, and a demo area that showcases the product. The endcap was placed at the front of stores, stopping consumers at the beginning of their shopping trip. The different structure style and clear messaging caught consumers eye and sales went up over 84% from previous promotions.

Bronze Award Winners

no-background_-kickstart-saddle-display Mountain Dew Kickstart Cooler Saddle 

This design created a larger and more compelling in-store presence for existing freestanding cooler units, particularly the ones merchandising the Kickstart brand. The “Saddle” merchandiser is the first of its kind in the beverage category. With mobile cooler displays being overlooked due to their low height, this display uses unique colors and LED lights to command the consumer’s attention and increase visibility.

pepsi_dump-bin-no-background Pepsi Emoji Campaign Merchandisers

This family of impactful merchandisers were designed for placement into nationwide retail environments to entice the purchase of Pepsi’s new Emoji covered 20oz bottles. Four merchandisers were developed for the program- two floor displays and two dump bin configurations. These units were specifically engineered for mass, drug, grocery and “C” store channels. Additionally, all of the designs provide some level of enhanced product visibility. The round floor stand provides 360 degrees of merchandising, while the square dump bin utilizes a clear front panel to improve product awareness and availability.

logitech1 Logitech Office Depot Pallet 

This Logitech pallet has foam core headers and backwalls, is adjustable based on product and can be run with a variety of graphics. 1,600 of these were run for Office Depot, which came fully loaded to stores. The dual sided shoppability, along with the ease of set-up made this a retail and shopper success.

Quickset™ Hutch

Easy to Assemble. Reduces Costs. Reusable.

The QuickSet™ Hutch has a patent-pending, pre-glued design that goes from a flat to finished display in two seconds. Whether your displays are shipping pre=packed or assembling and loading in store, the QuickSet™ Hutch will reduce labor costs and improve speed to market.


  • Retailers will appreciate the reduced labor costs, ease of assembly and the opportunity to reuse the displays for multi seasonal programs and promotions.
  • Consumer Product Manufacturers will increase sales with a higher percentage of displays executed at retail.
  • With the flexibilty of up to a quarter pallet size footprint and the holding capacity of over 50 pounds per shelf, the QuickSet™ Hutch will accommodate a wide variety of products and locations at retail.

Click here to contact us and learn more about the patent-pending design.

Great Northern Instore Announces July Instore Excellence Award Winner

APPLETON, WI., September 2, 2016 – Great Northern Instore is excited to announce that the winner of the July Instore Excellence Award is our Racine location, for their “Pepsi NFL Product Wall” project.

The Instore Excellence Award is an internal competition between Great Northern Instore creative teams. Creative team designers and engineers are experts in concept development, ensuring creative and practical solutions that fit seamlessly into the retail environment.

The Racine team was challenged to develop a solution that would eliminate the time consuming task of building large format in-store product stack promotions, while still maintaining the visual impact of these creative executions.

Racine’s solution was a corrugate, two-sided wall with stacked product imagery. The entire wall was slotted to receive lugged components of various sizes and complexities. The structure was lightweight and easily installed. This system is built from the floor up without the use of ladders, eliminating all safety issues with installment.


Congratulations to the Great Northern Instore Racine Team!

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