Quickset™ Hutch

Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Easy to Assemble. Reduces Costs. Reusable.

The QuickSet™ Hutch has a patent-pending, pre-glued design that goes from a flat to finished display in two seconds. Whether your displays are shipping pre=packed or assembling and loading in store, the QuickSet™ Hutch will reduce labor costs and improve speed to market.


  • Retailers will appreciate the reduced labor costs, ease of assembly and the opportunity to reuse the displays for multi seasonal programs and promotions.
  • Consumer Product Manufacturers will increase sales with a higher percentage of displays executed at retail.
  • With the flexibilty of up to a quarter pallet size footprint and the holding capacity of over 50 pounds per shelf, the QuickSet™ Hutch will accommodate a wide variety of products and locations at retail.

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