Great Northern Announces October Instore Excellence Award Winner

Great Northern Instore is excited to announce that the winner of the October Instore Excellence Award is our Chippewa Falls/Swedesboro team for the Best Buy Logitech Display.

The Instore Excellence Award is an internal competition between Great Northern Instore creative teams. Creative team designers and engineers are experts in concept development, ensuring creative and practical solutions that fit seamlessly into the retail environment.

The Chippewa Falls/Swedesboro team was challenged to create a new type of merchandizer for the wireless Bluetooth speaker market in Best Buy Canada stores. This display needed to be permanent, contemporary looking, and maximize product visibility.

The team’s solution was a larger-than-life display with a bold shape and built-in shelves that are accessible from both sides. Since the display will be used for upwards of a year, the side graphics are mounted via removable screws to allow updatability.


Congratulations to the Great Northern Instore Chippewa Falls/Swedesboro Team!

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