Great Northern Instore wins 12 OMA Awards

Posted on Apr 3, 2017
Gold Winner
Mt Dew Scoreboard
Mountain Dew / NBA Scoreboard
This hanging scoreboard used eye-catching LED lights and visual elements. The matching countdown clock could be mounted to the wall or cooler door allowing flexibility within store.

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Silver Winners
Pepsi Superbowl 50 Spanner
This themed display is over 8 feet tall with an open area between the towers to create a dramatic focal point for the product. Elements of the spanner structure are pre-assembled to ease in-store execution.

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3M Meijer Filtrete POG
This POG educated consumers about the product offerings and kept the store shelves organized and easy to restock.

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Michael's Back to School Train
Michael’s Back to School Promotion
This program utilized a patent-pending QuickSet Hutch display that was engineered to quickly assemble in-store. They unfolded from flat to fully formed in 2 seconds.

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Bronze Winners
Pepsi™ Merchandisers
Part of a four display series, these displays provide 360 degrees of product visibility, while capturing the look and feel of the Pepsi brand.

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Hot Wheels 'Make it Epic' Dump Bin
This bin is a high impact merchandising destination, designed to drive impulse purchases of Hot Wheels™ cars, track sets and other track building components. The dramatic oversize track and bold colors of this display create a beacon for the targeted audience.

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Pepsi™ "NFL" Product Wall
This lightweight structure is a two sided wall is dressed with stacked product imagery that can be assembled in minutes. The wall is cost effective, versitile and commands consumer attention.

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Logitech Best Buy Canada UE Boom Permanent Floor Stand
This larger-than-life display includes bold shapes and built-in shelves that maximize product visibility.

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Purina® Muse® Creatables End Cap
A creative, end-of-aisle display that educates and guides shoppers through the endcap to build and create a variety of product combinations.

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Hello Sense Counter Display
This interactive display features simple, modern aesthetics to showcase the high quality brand personality, while engaging shoppers with live product.

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Wishbone Display
Pinnacle EVOO Launch Bottle Floor Stand
This stand used a new shape to create a larger than life display that commanded attention in aisle.

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Speck Products Best Buy Back to School Shipper
This display attained a high-end look by using litho printing, which helped create a 78% increase in sales.

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