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Is the manufacturing done in the U.S.?

Yes, we produce all products domestically in the US within our facilities and can source permanent displays overseas leaning on our 30+ years of experience in Asia.

What kind of materials do you work with?

We work with a wide range of materials to make our displays. We can create displays from corrugated material, metalwoodwireplastic & everything in between!

What shipping methods are available?

Available methods vary on the size and quantity of the shipment. If the size and quantity for your order allow, we offer UPS Parcel and FedEx Ground methods. We often use this method for samples. We also offer an LTL (less-than-truckload) option for oversized orders. You can also arrange your own carrier.

Can you design displays for specific retailers?

We have designed displays and packaging for all the major retailers. We work with the most recent display specifications for each store so you can be confident that your display or product packaging adheres to those standards.

How do you arrive at the decision to use temporary Vs. permanent materials for displays?

Temporary displays promote products in stores and last for a few weeks to a couple months. They are easy to change as campaigns change, allow for many different printing and branding options and are less expensive than permanent retail store display designs. Permanent designs utilize metal and wood to showcase your brand over a longer period. We asses the intended purpose/goal of your display and make a decision on whether a permanent or temporary display would suit you best.

Do you assemble the displays prior to shipping?

We can assemble and kit-pack displays so they are ready to hit the retail floor to be quickly set-up and filled.  We also can provide full turn-key co-packing where the display is ready to sell product as soon as it is taken out of its shipper. Once we have constructed all of the displays, we will send them directly to the expecting locations.

How much will my displays or packaging cost?

The main determiners of costs will be the size of the display, the quantity manufactured and the graphics required. We can better serve you with accurate quantity counts and a general idea of what we will be printing. As with all manufacturing, quantity is your friend. We have multiple printing processes that all have different costs, from 5-color litho printing to simple 1-color PMS flexo printing.

What types of printing are available?

We offer three types of printing in-house: Offset litho, flexographic, and large format digital. Each type of printing has a “sweet spot” based on quantity and your overall graphic needs. We will recommend the appropriate printing process based on your project needs.

Do you have displays or packaging in stock?

We do not inventory any displays. Each order requires a custom production setup and is manufactured to a custom order quantity.

Are your cardboard displays recyclable?

Yes, the corrugated cardboard we use in our retail displays is 100% recyclable and made from 65 to 95% post-consumer waste.

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