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Royal Canin end cap display

A creatively designed custom end cap display will help your brand cut through the noise so shoppers notice your products amid a sea of other options. Placed on a store’s high-traffic racetrack, custom end cap displays are a powerful way to help your brand stand out from the competition.  Great Northern Instore can develop your temporary or permanent solution for this critical location.

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Royal Canin end cap display

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Retail end cap displays are generally placed at the end of every aisle. Display heights can be tailored during the design process to ensure they match the size and style guides of the retailer. Three-sided end caps are particularly effective in an end-of-aisle location, as they can catch the attention of shoppers coming from any direction.

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Purina Muse multi-tiered display


Developed an end of aisle display forPurina® Muse® Creatables, a natural, grain free supplemental feeding line, that could command shopper attention at Petco. Excellent sales spurred Purina® to launch new flavors for the line.

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Why Use an End Cap Display?

An end cap display is an effective promotional tool due to their location, ability to draw shoppers’ attention as they browse the main racetrack, and potential to increase foot traffic to a specific aisle. Effective end cap design and graphics can encourage shoppers to stop and explore various products instead of passing by.

Display signage can promote any current sales and promotions, making the product even more attractive to shoppers. This strategy is particularly effective when you can highlight a seasonal product that has a short-term shelf life and is relevant to the time of year.

A store endcap display gennerally consists of three sections. The top section includes marketing signage and advertises current sales or limited-time-only seasonal offerings. The middle section promotes the product with a messaging or interactive elements that draws the customer in. The bottom section typically merchandising products for the shopper to add to their basket. Pieces can be temporary for short promotions or permanent for year-round brand promotion.

End cap displays provide an easy opportunity to capitalize on impulse buys. Your product will be set apart from others, making it easier to notice. While an entire aisle may be filled with similar products, a retail endcap display will push your specific item to the forefront, compelling consumers to choose it over another. This will drive sales while further increasing your brand visibility.

Types of Products to Display in an End Cap Fixture

End cap displays are highly flexible and can be placed in virtually any type of store. They’re commonly used to promote easy-to-grab items, such as snacks or beverages.  Many grocery and supermarket end cap displays feature prepackaged snack items — these displays are so popular because they consistently offer great results.

Custom end cap displays are also used to promote seasonal and holiday-themed products. Replacing your display’s out-of-season merchandise with timely new products can kickstart holiday shopping and encourage consumers to buy limited-time-only items.

Whether your industry manufacturers food, beverages, consumer electronics, health and beauty products or home improvement items, end cap displays can be customized to meet your needs. Keep in mind that items with a broad appeal that are easy to grab will sell particularly well in an end cap display. They’re the perfect vehicle to drive extra velocity of your bestselling. Because of messaging, retail end cap displays are great to introduce new items as well as regimen products, to increase a shopper’s basket size.

other available display types:

Great Northern Instore offers an expansive list of display types. Each type offers a unique benefit to brands who want to draw customers to their products. Custom retail floor displays showcase hot-off-the-press items, while retail signage directs customers to where your products are merchandised. Other types like end caps can be strategically designed to highlight a seasonal product and enhance your brand awareness.

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