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Our stunning displays for home improvement and interior
products make shoppers feel right at home when they see
your brand in their favorite store. We can create one-of-a-kind
designs to highlight your new, bestselling or promotional
products. Great Northern Instore also handles

every step of the manufacturing process, from engineering
to project management and even product placement
within the display. Our turnkey solutions ensure your
products are ready for retail when your display arrives
at home retail stores.

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How We Create Personalized Home Retail Displays

When shopping at a home improvement center or hardware store, your customers need to picture your products in their home, and what better way than with a home store display? Whether you want to highlight decking, outdoor tools, hardware, lighting, paint, and accessories, our customized displays are a great way to help buyers picture your products in their homes.

Our home merchandising solutions showcase high-profile items or feature current promotions and sale items. To create a display that is unique to your brand, we use a range of materials and make the design entirely your own.

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- Toy Manufacturer
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The Main Advantages Of Our Home Store Displays

Implementing home center retail displays can have several noticeable impacts on your brand’s success, including these three marketing facets:

Your customers will enjoy their overall shopping experience, as our designs will make your products stand apart from the competition and create a unique branded experience.

As an effective marketing tool, our displays encourage customers to buy specified products, which will boost your company’s sales.

Our displays encourage brand loyalty, draw in new customers and effectively target impulse buyers, meaning more people will buy your displayed merchandise.

These three areas of improvement will transform how your products look in retail settings, excite your returning customers and attract new ones. With permanent or temporary options, you can implement a marketing strategy that is both practical and dynamic.

We Produce High-Quality Displays Every Time

Ryobi One Endcap Display

To ensure that you get the best-quality home store display, we manage the entire process in-house; from design to manufacturing. By doing this, we can:

  • Supervise production: In-house manufacturing allows us to oversee the production process ourselves, without consulting external suppliers.
  • Pay close attention to details: Our team can design what is feasible and efficient to produce: we seek to exceed your expectations with the finished product.
  • Reinforce the project timeline: We have full control over the manufacturing process, so we can meet the timelines necessary to deliver your display in time for promotions or product launches.

With these advantages, you can feel confident that Great Northern Instore provides the best-quality displays for all your home center merchandising needs.

Ryobi One Endcap Display

Other Available Display Types

Great Northern Instore offers an expansive list of display types. Each type offers a unique benefit to brands who want to draw customers to their products. Custom retail floor displays showcase hot-off-the-press items, while retail signage directs customers to where your products are merchandised. Other types like end caps can be strategically designed to highlight a seasonal product and enhance your brand awareness.

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  • Engaged the shopper with product samples and unique soft white LED lighting of the logo, base deck, and down lighting
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Hello Sense interactive display
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At Great Northern Instore, we have made custom displays for over 50 years. Our team knows how to develop eye-catching designs that will fit your brand and goals. We design and manufacture using the entire range of materials, from temporary corrugated promotions to wood, wire and metal permanent displays. To learn more information, reach out for a quote, or call us at 855.693.6272 to integrate an effective, new marketing tool for your products in the home retail channel.

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