Tips for Designing Grocery Store Product Displays

Retail is exceptionally competitive. Consumers have more shopping choices than ever before — hundreds of competitors offer the products they want. Visual merchandising and product displays attract customers to items, encouraging them to enter your store and make a purchase.

When designing grocery store displays, you must consider every element — from products to lighting and store layout. So how do you get people to engage? We have a few tips to help you get started. Read More…

How to Engage Gen Z Shoppers With In-Store Displays

engaging gen-z shoppers with in-store displays

As Gen Z ages into adulthood, they hold more buying power and cannot be ignored. Companies have spent considerable time marketing to millennials, but there is a new generation entering stores with their unique shopping habits and mindsets. Of course, while many retailers will want to continue to attract other generations, it is vital to be aware of the trends that will bring in Gen Z shoppers because they are the future and will continue to grow into a larger market segment. Ready to update your strategies for Gen Z and retail? Here is everything you need to know. Read More…

What Is Visual Merchandising?

what is visual merchandising

Visual merchandising is a marketing tactic used in retail stores. It involves optimizing the store environment (layout, color, lighting, product presentation and technology) in ways that are attractive to customers. The purpose of visual merchandising is to increase sales.

Although visual merchandising is relatively straightforward as a marketing practice, it involves several components of a store’s presentation and includes many design and display strategies for attracting attention to merchandise. Visual merchandising is a collective term for all these strategies that engage shoppers. Learn about the techniques that allow a merchandiser to accentuate the best features of a product in a visually appealing way. Read More…

Win at Retail Webinar: Food & Beverage 2021

Food & Beverage Webinar

Our next Win at Retail webinar is coming up.  Join us as we dive into the Food and Beverage categories.  We will evaluate the innovations that are driving successful trends at retail.  The Great Northern Instore team has captured food and beverage activations in retail across the nation, and we will bring you the latest insights to help you develop your next winning instore program.

Join us for our insightful webinar:

  • Thursday, June 24th at 1:00PM CST
  • Tuesday, June 29th at 1:00PM CST

Click here to register for one of these sessions!

We look forward to helping you win at retail!

Win at Retail Webinar: Consumer Electronics 2021

Consumer Electronics Webinar

The Great Northern Instore team was at it again, safely getting out to retail to observe and audit the Consumer Electronics category for you.  Given the increasing competitive landscape and changes within the consumer electronics industry, effective in-store merchandising and point-of-sale marketing have never been more important. Great Northern Instore highlighted the trends for the consumer electronics category in our insightful webinar.

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2020 Design of the Times Finalists

Design of the Times - Retail Display Awards

What works best at retail? Our 80+ designers and engineers are experts in applying insights to develop a range of creative, practical solutions that meet your marketing objectives and fit your budget parameters. Collaborating with great clients, our team had three activations recognized as Design of the Times finalists.

Best Shopper Experience
This engaging Mattel pallet allows children to climb in the fire truck while merchandising the toys on both sides of the activation.

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Win at Retail Webinar: Health & Beauty Insights

Retail Webinar: Health & Beauty

In an industry that is guided by image and trends, merchandising plays a big role in how customers view health and beauty products during their shopping experience.  As a leading designer and manufacturer of instore display, Great Northern Instore continues to keep on top of these trends and innovations to create winning retail activations in the health and beauty segment.  This fall, we focused our audits to find stand out health and beauty activations in retail.

We shared our findings and insights during our webinar. Access the webinar here:

If you have any instore challenges or opportunities, please reach out.  We look forward assisting you to develop innovative retail activations, and helping you win at retail!

Win at Retail Webinar: Back to School Insights

Back to School Retail Webinar

Back-to-school shopping marked the end of summer for students, but for retailers, it was the start of a busy season. Back-to-school this year, however, surely looked a little different.

View our Back to School webinar to understand how consumer behaviors have changed in the COVID-19 era, the trends that took shape around back-to-school 2020, and how CPG’s and retailers prepared for it.

Access the webinar here:

We look forward to helping you win at retail!

Great Northern Instore Takes Home 17 OMA Awards

Great Northern Instore - Award Winning Displays

Great Northern Instore is proud to announce we have been awarded 17 OMA awards this year, with two of those being Gold.  The Shop! OMA Awards is the premier award competition recognizing the most innovative and effective in-store display solutions.  Our great insights, great design and great execution have led to award-winning displays.

Click here to check out all of our winning displays.

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