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POS display stands refer to stands or signage placed at a point of sale location. Because of their placement at the moment of choice, POS retail displays can persuade shoppers to make the impulse buy. Of course, location is not the only thing that matters — otherwise, any product haphazardly placed near the checkout counter would become a bestseller. The display attracts the shoppers attention and presents the products and tells their story, driving conversion.

In addition to having a strategic point of sale locale, free-standing point of sale display stands should be attractive and compelling to customers. They can expand beyond simply showcasing products. In fact, graphics, signage, informative brochures and interactive features all work to convert the sale.

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What Sets POS Retail Displays Apart?

Custom POS displays should have a specific and strategic purpose. Brands use them to increase the odds of an impulse sale, help promote a current deal or highlight a brand new product. To maximize your success rate, your stands should be easy to see and convenient to access.

With an experienced craftsman at the helm, this marketing has the potential for limitless benefits, including allowing you to:

Customers are usually on the hunt for a specific list of items. Your point of sale display is a chance to divert their focus. Even bold product packaging can be missed in the busy environment of a retail store. An attractive POS display; however, will command attention. Whether you opt for a corrugated POS display at a attention grabbing location or choose a permanent structure in metal, wood, wire or plastic, it is sure to shine a spotlight on your product.

Custom POS displays provide a larger canvas for your branding and information. Take advantage of this space to tell — or better yet, show — shoppers what makes your brand special.

Point of sale display structure implementation is a strategic move for any business. Whether you opt for free-standing end cap shelving, counter-top structures or POS floor displays, you can select a high-traffic location that moves your product away from the competition and closer to the customer’s cart.

A POS display is an upfront investment that will pay itself off over time. Unlike conventional advertising, POS displays will enable you to market your brand to your audience at the point of sale. As a bonus, they make the conversion as easy as possible, heightening your odds of a successful sale.

Popular Products To Feature With A POS Display

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Custom designed POS displays can be developed to meet any retail challenge. Between sizes, styles and materials, your displays can be customized in limitless ways. With Great Northern Instore’s 60 years of experience and insights, we are a partner that can help you achieve your retail goals. Our experts can discuss the best POS directions for your product and projects. Whether it’s calling out a promotion, highlighting new products or advertising a seasonal line, Custom POS displays can be into the perfect solution.

No matter your industry, Great Northern Instore can help develop the right retail vehicles for your brands — from health and beauty to food and beverage items. Small counter displays will work best for packaged, easy to grab offers like candy and hygiene products. Floor displays, on the other hand, are ideal for home improvement tools and consumer electronics. Your choice will largely depend on the size of your product as well as the retail channel opportunity.

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Other Available Display Types

Great Northern Instore offers an expansive list of display types. Each type offers a unique benefit to brands who want to draw customers to their products. Custom retail floor displays showcase hot-off-the-press items, while retail signage directs customers to where your products are merchandised. Other types like end caps can be strategically designed to highlight a seasonal product and enhance your brand awareness.

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Euroshop is the world’s largest retail show. With this huge scale, it is the leading place to monitor the trends and latest technologies available for retail world-wide. Great Northern Instore sent a team there to capture the latest trends, and develop a holistic view of them. We presented a webinar to showcase our findings and discuss applications to help you win.

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