Inventory Management / Distribution

Inventory Management


At Great Northern Instore, we understand the importance of delivering promotional displays on time and in perfect condition. By managing the entire manufacturing process in-house, we help reduce excess inventory, penalties, high shipping rates and overtime rates due to tight delivery deadlines that can arise when you work with multiple providers. We also have in-depth knowledge about the specific packaging needs of retailers to ensure your displays are accepted every time.

Management Services

With over 60 years of experience in the display and packaging business, we have manufacturing and inventory management down to a science. In addition to providing excellent designs, we’ll also manage your projects from start to finish, including:

1. Manufacturing

We have the resources and expertise to manufacture your retail displays in-house with optimal speed, quality and control over your projects. Whether corrugated, metal, wire, wood, or plastic, we can execute your display so the finished product comes out looking exactly how you envisioned.

2. Assembly

Once the display is finished, we’ll complete the pack-out in-house or ship it to another fulfillment center for your convenience. Allowing us to stock the display streamlines operations and eliminates inventory and shipping delays.

3. Distribution

Once the displays are assembled and stocked with products, we’ll schedule and organize transportation to the necessary distribution centers or direct to retailers. By managing your retail display logistics, we can reduce shipping fees and ensure the product arrives on time without damages.

benefits of in house inventory management

Benefits of In-House Inventory Management

Trusting Great Northern Instore to manage your inventory and distribution provides the following benefits:

  • Increases inventory accuracy: Having too much inventory ties up valuable assets like money and warehouse space, while not having enough stock leads to costly delays and upset customers. We’ll track and manage your inventory so you can keep less on hand and still meet tight delivery deadlines.
  • Reduces costs: Our in-house inventory management provides greater accuracy from production to delivery, which prevents costly errors that can eat into your profit.
  • Prevents excess inventory and stock-outs: We’ll ensure your inventory levels are balanced to prevent excess or lack of stock and keep the supply chain running smoothly.
  • Improves client satisfaction: Our team will manage your store display transportation so it arrives on time, in good condition, and is ready to install. Accurately fulfilling your orders will help you build a positive reputation in the retail marketplace.
  • Lightens your responsibilities: You can rely on Great Northern Instore to manage inventory, shipping fees and delivery deadlines so that you can focus on designing the next retail display to promote your brand.

Let Us Handle It

Great Northern Instore manages inventory without compromising speed, quality or cost. Our team will manage the entire design, production and distribution process so that you can focus on achieving your marketing objectives.

Reach out today to learn more about how we can help manage your inventory and boost your retail success.

let us handle it

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