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Sunscreen product display

Great Northern Instore has display and packaging solutions for businesses looking to attract customers and increase revenue at retail. With close to 60 years of experience, our team has the know-how and design capabilities to create customized tiered cardboard displays that stand out and help businesses reach their goals.

Whether it is for the home improvement, food and beverage or consumer electronics industry, our team designs and engineers your displays considering shopper insights and budgetary needs. The result is a tiered display that earns shoppers’ attention and helps sell more products.

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Sunscreen product display


GREAT INSIGHTS – Consultative, understanding retail and the shopper
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What Makes a Multi-Tiered Retail Display?

A cardboard, or corrugated, tiered display lets brands showcase several products at once. With multiple shelving levels, these displays are engineered for flexibility to merchandise different products while commanding shopper attention.

Shoppers can easily view products and browse what retailers have to offer. This makes these displays especially effective for in-store merchandising.

Shopper Insights


Retail Shopper Insights

Learn more about the beliefs, attitudes, and motivators that drive purchase decisions at retail and also influence future online purchases.

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Gatorade pallet floor display

Gatorade®: Integrated Pallet Display

  • Created an integrated pallet display that commands shopper attention at Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Showcased a portfolio of Gatorade products, driving basket size
  • Created the carrying capacity to get products out the backroom onto the selling floor
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3 Key Benefits of Multi-Tiered Retail Displays

Reaching marketing and sales goals is easier than ever with tiered cardboard displays. These displays offer several benefits for any business.

1. Stand-Out Designs

The display design draws attention and increases brand awareness. At Great Northern Instore, we offer several ways for retailers to customize the color, design and messaging.

2. Versatility

Multi-tiered displays are a versatile addition to any retail environment. The shelves can hold and protect any merchandise item, ranging from health and beauty products to toys.

Since they are made out of corrugated cardboard, each display is durable and 100% recyclable when the promotion is complete.

3. Increased Revenue

When used at point of purchase locations, these displays can boost revenue. Stand-out design will grab customers’ attention and increase the chances of impulse buys when shopping in-store.

Design Innovative Multi-Tiered Retail Displays With Great Northern Instore

Our entire design, engineering and manufacturing processes are in-house so that you get a seamless experience from start to finish. Our reliable team is ready to meet your multi-tiered display needs and deliver marketing and sales results you can count on.

other available display types:

Great Northern Instore offers an expansive list of display types. Each type offers a unique benefit to brands who want to draw customers to their products. Custom retail floor displays showcase hot-off-the-press items, while retail signage directs customers to where your products are merchandised. Other types like end caps can be strategically designed to highlight a seasonal product and enhance your brand awareness.

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