Insights Library

Great Northern Instore is continually providing thought-provoking, insight-driven content that brands can use in planning successful retail programs. Below is a sampling. To learn more, contact us.

Consumer Electronics White Paper
In the ever changing retail environment, the club store channel has found success. Based on information gathered through our mobile auditing program, view our trends and insights on consumer electronics in club stores.

EuroShop 2017 White Paper
A compilation of the numerous trends and insights gained from our trip to Germany for EuroShop 2017.

Ongoing Programs Guide
A guide to leading mass, grocery, drug and specialty retailer ongoing programs. The marketing and cause community programs listed in this booklet are ones that are created by the chains themselves – annual selling events that aren’t necessarily tied to specific or traditional shopping seasons.

Receptivity Chart
The third edition of the popular booklet that is a guide to what’s “often, sometimes or rarely” used by chains.

Power Research Report
Original research points to opportunities, valuable markets and best practices, with the conclusion that in-store merchandising makes an impact.

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