Trends In The Beverage Industry

The beverage industry is constantly changing, so if you want your brand or business to be successful year-round, you need to stay on top of the trends. At Great Northern Instore, we are experts at navigating multiple retail industries to produce effective displays that are tailored to consumers’ interests.

Because our displays are effective marketing tools, our team members have to maintain a constant understanding of industry trends, including the food and beverage industry. Both brands and retail stores have trusted our knowledge of the industry for over 60 years, so you can depend on our team of designers and project managers to understand the most effective ways to market beverages according to the latest trends.

Our webinar about beverage industry trends will provide you with the knowledge you need to assess and prepare your brand or store to keep up with consumer demands.

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Our bi-monthly webinar program discusses specific, actionable, in-store insights for targeted retail categories. The content is drawn from retail audits performed nationally by the Great Northern Instore team -providing many examples of recent activations.

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2022 consumer electronics webinar


2022 Food & Beverage Retail Insights

2021 Food, Beverage, and Convenience Retail Insights

At Great Northern Instore, we strive to cultivate a culture of continual learning. Shopper insights are the foundation of our forward-thinking strategy — both for our own company and for our clients. We work to continually learn and apply fresh insights in order to stay on the latest curve of what consumers think, want and need. We share these insights through our bi-monthly webinar program, as guided by our fundamental mission: to help our customers win by doing what others can’t or won’t.

In each webinar, we unpack brick and mortar store insights and offer actionable next steps related to specific retail industries.
Our insights are drawn from national retail audits conducted by our team.

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2020 Beverage at Retail Trends

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Technology is evolving quickly. View our recorded webinar to learn the latest on how technology can make displays smart. Learn about engaging shoppers and help gathering actionable insight; all to drive business results.

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Trends from EuroShop 2020

Euroshop is the world’s largest retail show. With this huge scale, it is the leading place to monitor the trends and latest technologies available for retail world-wide. Great Northern Instore sent a team there to capture the latest trends, and develop a holistic view of them. We presented a webinar to showcase our findings and discuss applications to help you win.

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Consumer Electronics Insights 2020

View our insights from Great Northern Instore’s store audits focused on the consumer electronics industry.

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What You’ll Unlock With Our Beverage Industry Trends Webinar

Every industry has experienced a rapid change due to COVID-19, but even after the pandemic has passed, the current beverage trends are expected to remain. To maximize the number of customers returning to in-store shopping, you need to understand how to effectively market beverages. Launching a successful beverage marketing plan requires you to cater to the mindset of consumers.

For example, many consumers are turning to healthier options for their beverages, whether it be sports drinks or even bottled water. Some of the best healthy beverage industry trends to highlight in your branding or your store include drinks that:

  • Boost a consumer’s immunity.
  • Contain natural ingredients.
  • Promote overall health and wellness.

With our expert beverage industry trends webinar, you’ll have access to our professional insights and a variety of other useful tools. Our webinar will allow you to unlock a wealth of up-to-date beverage trends you can use in your branding or store. You’ll learn about:

  • Accurate industry statistics.
  • Marketing ideas to grow your brand.
  • Tools to enhance your customer relationships.
  • Different strategies to understand and capitalize on consumer shopping behavior.
  • Insights to help you analyze your customers’ consumption habits.

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