PEPSI™ National Emoji Campaign

Emoji-clad Pepsi™ bottles and cans are hitting stores everywhere. Emojis are the language of today but no one has used them the way Pepsi is this summer. With specially designed emoji cans and bottles in more than 100 global markets this year, Pepsi has invested in hundreds of thousands of product displays, nearly half a billion bottles and millions of fountain cups that will feature emoji images. By placing them on packaging, Pepsi is seeking to use them as a means to bridge retail marketing with digital marketing, all without words. A heavy emphasis on social media is central to the overall campaign. Pepsi wants users to post photos of their emojis (to Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and other social media) and use the bottles to communicate with each other in places such as loud concert venues, where it can be difficult to hear what others are saying.

Great Northern Instore’s objective was to create a family of impactful merchandisers for placement into this nationwide campaign in retail environments all over the United States.

Four merchandisers were developed for the program- two floor displays and two dump bin configurations. These units were specifically engineered for mass, drug, grocery and “C” store channels. Additionally, all of the designs provide some level of enhanced product visibility. The round floor stand provides 360 degrees of merchandising, while the square dump bin utilizes a clear front panel to improve product awareness and availability.


These structures are all about conveying the excitement of the emoji, while products are cleverly presented to be easily identified by consumers. Additionally they deliver messages graphically and quickly in a powerful way. Tweaking product packaging to win customer’s attention is commonplace among consumer product companies. This promotion is a way to create a reason to get more shelf space and floor space in major retailers. It will give consumers a new reason to pick up their soft drink and to bolster sales as consumers are increasingly moving to other products.

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