Gatorade: Perform at Peak Level


  • Develop a simple beverage display platform that provides ease of execution at retail
  • Combine a powerful visual impact with structural integrity for easy access to product and a small footprint for health food stores
  • Customer needed displays in store in 3 weeks

What We Did

  • Created a simple one-piece column structure with a dramatic image of Usain Bolt, Olympic Gold medalist, as a billboard graphic
  • Developed a quick 1-2-3 assembly process
  • Added stark white shelves that highlight product colors and extend beyond the display to invite consumers to further investigate
  • Positioned the brand message with high visibility to quickly communicate product benefits to the serious athlete


  • Our speed-to-market process resulted in design to delivery in 3 weeks
  • The G Series Pro products are selling four times the level of those that are on the shelf
  • Retailers reported that the merchandising displays have been restocked multiple times
  • The addition of the vac-formed tray has extended store life and enabled retailers to keep the display on the floor to match demand


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Gatorade Peak Level Performance Display

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