Marks & Spencer Bus Target Display

OMA Display of the Year & Gold Award

For this project, we partnered with Marks & Spencer to deliver an inspired Q4 holiday display. We wowed consumers by bringing a taste of London to Target stores through transportation-inspired displays.

Program Objective

Marks & Spencer tasked us with bringing London’s signature red double-decker bus to Target stores nationwide. They wanted the display to stock tasty sweets, exceptional deals and the latest trends to get people into the holiday spirit. The goal was to give the consumer a delightful and whimsical experience whenever they entered a Target store during the holiday season.

It needed to be large, bright and capture people’s attention among all of the other holiday-themed displays jostling for space at that time of year. This display was about creating an experience and driving sales through bold, modern, optimistic storytelling.

The Work

The duration for the display’s lifespan in stores was two months. Considering this information, we used a sustainable corrugated structure with litho-printing and a high-tension printed liner.  The team was tasked with using Target’s portable metal towers and carts for the shelving of this product merchandiser.

We went through multiple rounds of samples and mock-ups, and our footprint changed throughout the process. We started with two towers and one cart but decided to use only one tower and one cart for the final display. The cart and tower had to be modular so stores could move them with products for cleaning purposes. We decided Velcro was the best option to secure the two portable units together to fulfill this request.

Regarding floor placement, the display was placed in the food and beverages department. We also shipped the components partially assembled to make the process easy on store staff and reduce the amount of time needed for staff to execute the display. All hardware came with an instruction sheet and full graphics.

The Results

The display was a great success overall. It met Target’s stringent requirements, and the partially assembled nature, modular design and clear instructions all contributed to the excellent execution. Marks & Spencer was so delighted with the display and how it showed off their merchandise that they requested a final sample to have in their London headquarters.

For the London samples, we created corrugated fixtures that mimicked the in-store metal fixtures, and it is now proudly displayed in their office.


In summary, Marks & Spencer tasked us with telling a story through display design. Because of its whimsical nature, they wanted consumers to see this display and their faces to light up with a smile. We brought London’s famous red double-decker bus to Target stores nationwide to accomplish this.

We used one tower and cart placed in Target’s food and beverages department. We shipped the display partially assembled with easy-to-follow instructions to save store time. The display was a resounding success — Marks & Spencer and Target were happy with the outcome.

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