Mountain Dew Baja Blast Display

OMA Silver Award

We had the privilege of working with Mountain Dew on an engaging and energetic merchandiser to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their Baja Blast flavor.

Program Objectives

This display’s objectives were simple. Mountain Dew needed to blast people out of the water with an eye-catching merchandiser that embodied their brand persona and reflected Baja Blast’s dynamic beach aesthetic. Mountain Dew Baja Blast is traditionally sold only at Taco Bell or other food service outlets, but because this was an important anniversary, they wanted to make it especially unique at retail.

They decided this display would be available in convenience store environments, with 20-ounce bottles of Baja Blast. This necessitated a small format, small footprint structure to fit into the desired retail environment.

Mountain Dew wanted a display that commanded attention, with a unique shape that set it apart from traditional hutch structures, to attract new and existing drink fans. It was also imperative that the display was easy to execute to get strong retail compliance rates so that Mountain Dew’s direct service teams could maintain their speed.

The Work

The display’s two-month life span and budgetary considerations required us to use an all-corrugated structure, which we litho-laminated to make the colors and branding pop. Our design team brought to life the unique shape Mountain Dew requested through a radically curved structure mimicking a massive wave at the beach.

We used SBS pieces to curve the sides of the cabinet, making them rise magnificently above the shelves, with the wave crest breaking over the product. The SBS is also offset-printed for maximum impact. The cabinet’s side has colorful graphics that set the beach scene, further reinforced by the aqua, white and yellow colors and shelves printed to look like weathered wood.

For the easy execution component, we packed all components “knocked down” into a one-piece shipper for easy transport, including the set-up instructions, hutch structure and header components.


The display structures’ compliance with grocery, drug and convenience store aisle specifications allowed them to maximize placement while maintaining site lines for security.

Sales for this display exceeded all expectations. By leveraging the rarity factor of finding this product outside of food service outlets, Mountain Dew expanded its reach to a broader audience, fulfilling the objective of attracting new customers.

The success of this display was twofold. It boosted short-term sales and solidified long-term brand loyalty by meeting current fans’ demands and surprising new consumers with the unique Baja Blast flavor.


To summarize, Mountain Dew tasked us with creating a temporary, small-footprint floor stand for convenience store environments to sell 20-oz. bottles of Mountain Dew Baja Blast to celebrate the product’s 20th anniversary. Our unique display profile utilized wave imagery, a weathered wood look for the shelves and other aqua-toned components that reinforced the brand’s beach atmosphere and lime flavor.

This display succeeded in short-term sales and long-term brand awareness and fulfilled Mountain Dew’s expectations.

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