Euroshop Trends & Insights

San Pellegrino permanent cart floor display rack

Euroshop is the world’s largest retail trade fair, which is held every three years in Germany. Great Northern Instore sent a team to Euroshop 2020 to gain crucial market insights, and we noticed seven key trends for visual merchandising.

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San Pellegrino permanent cart floor display rack


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Top Euroshop 2020 Trends and Insights

1. Materials, Finishes, and Patterns

More materials are being used than ever before to create unique displays. Metal and wood were a popular material combination, which gave those displays an industrial and authentic look.

There were also many finishes for metal, particularly with permanent displays. From glitter to powder coating, finish options that create textures and add visual depth were a major trend. Patterns were also creatively used throughout the show to add dimension and richness, with laser-cut metal being an especially popular choice.

2. Lighting

LED lighting can be harnessed for magical effects. Lighting and materials used together create displays with engaging elements like 3D and motion. From backlit displays to completely lighted walls to filters, using LED lights to highlight products commands customer attention. Even LED lights that are designed with simplicity but well-integrated into the display can make items pop.

3. Experience

Allowing the shopper to experience your product before they buy is vital in the retail world. Our team saw many unique displays focused on the customer experience, from projecting different color options onto jackets to full kitchen setups for product demos and other methods for attracting the shopper. Taking this kind of experience-based approach engages all the senses and results in an incredibly memorable brand touchpoint that can’t be achieved online.

4. Smart

The presence of smart displays has increased significantly since Euroshop 2017. From engaging with QR codes to voice activation to smart shelves, smart technology is a unique and developing method of engagement. Smart technology is also being used to monitor inventory levels and track which products are being selected by customers the most often for vital data collection.

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