Consumer Electronics Industry Trends

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For almost 60 years, Great Northern Instore has been committed to producing various products and displays that create maximum visual impact and boost your retail presence. We manufacture a wide range of temporary, permanent, semi-permanent and interactive merchandising display solutions in-house for optimal speed and quality.

What informs our retail solutions? Extensive study through partnerships and industry trends. We are proud to bring you our latest Win at Retail Webinar: Consumer Electronics Series. We share the newest consumer electronics industry trends and insights so you can decide what tactics will work best for your products at retail.

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Next Live Webinar:
Consumer Electronics at Retail
Thurs, February 16th and Tues, February 21st at 1:00 PM Central/2:00 PM Eastern

Our next webinar is coming up. Join us as we dive into the Consumer Electronics industry and evaluate the innovations that are driving successful trends at retail.

The Great Northern Instore team has captured Consumer Electronics trends in retail, and we will bring you the latest insights to help you develop your next instore program.

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Consumer Electronics Sales Data Webinar

Our Win at Retail Webinars are a bi-monthly webinar program that discusses definitive in-store insights for individual retail departments. Specifically, the Consumer Electronics session features content from retail audits performed nationally by the Great Northern Instore team. We use sophisticated tools to analyze macroeconomics, current industry trends and the retail market as a whole. 

In our webinar, you will see many examples of recent activations, learn about consumer electronics shopper demographics, and see that tactics can drive shopper engagement, education, and conversion.  This data will help you design you next successful retail program. Our latest Win at Retail Webinar for consumer electronics guides you through the following sections:

  • The latest trends in consumer electronics
  • How companies are using retail to tell their product story
  • Tactics to command attention
  • Methods to educate shoppers
  • Looking at immersive experiences
  • The future of consumer electronics at retail 

Trends in Consumer Electronics Sales in the U.S.

The webinar delves into the channels and retailers that successfully drive consumer electrics sales across the United States.  Great Northern Instore is able to pull from its historical database of audits from 2017, 2018, and 2019 to build trends that that are occurring.  With retail audits at Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco and more, we quantify the methods used to attract attention (lighting, color) and educate (video screens, interactive displasy). Coupled with our insights gained at CES and EuroShop, we project the best strategies to pursue to stay ahead of the curve and win at retail.

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At Great Northern Instore, we strive to cultivate a culture of continual learning. Shopper insights are the foundation of our forward-thinking strategy — both for our own company and for our clients. We work to continually learn and apply fresh insights in order to stay on the latest curve of what consumers think, want and need. We share these insights through our bi-monthly webinar program, as guided by our fundamental mission: to help our customers win by doing what others can’t or won’t.

In each webinar, we unpack brick and mortar store insights and offer actionable next steps related to specific retail industries.
Our insights are drawn from national retail audits conducted by our team.

Smart Displays - Trends in 2020

Technology is evolving quickly. View our recorded webinar to learn the latest on how technology can make displays smart. Learn about engaging shoppers and help gathering actionable insight; all to drive business results.

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Trends from EuroShop 2020

Euroshop is the world’s largest retail show. With this huge scale, it is the leading place to monitor the trends and latest technologies available for retail world-wide. Great Northern Instore sent a team there to capture the latest trends, and develop a holistic view of them. We presented a webinar to showcase our findings and discuss applications to help you win.

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Consumer Electronics Insights 2020

View our insights from Great Northern Instore’s store audits focused on the consumer electronics industry.

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