Wonder Workshop: Dash and Dot Toys ‘R’ Us Merchandiser


  • Drive awareness and sales of Wonder Workshop’s Dash & Dot electronic learning toy
  • Clearly communicate the product features and benefits in a fun way
  • Design and manufacture a robust display that can withstand the typical abuse in a toy retail setting

What we did:

  • Captured the fun, creative personality of the toy with its bright blue and orange brand colors to attract shoppers’ attention
  • A lit riser highlighted the mounted toy, encouraging shoppers to stop and check out Dash
  • The interactive display included an HD media play for shoppers to learn about the toy’s details and learning benefits
  • Designed details with kids in mind, like the large illuminated red activation button to start the video content


  • Sales projections were exceeded
  • Positive feedback called out the ability to check out the mounted toy while learning about the benefits via video
  • Due to its success, Wonder Workshop plans to roll out a similar merchandiser display to additional retailers


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Dash dot interactive display

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