Athena Club CPG Display

OMA Silver Award

We are proud to have partnered with Athena Club for this project. They are an omnichannel subscription-based provider of consumer packaged goods (CPGs) that focuses on setting a higher standard for self-care through their personal care products aimed at women.

Program Objectives

We had two objectives to meet for this project to be successful.

Our main focus was to forge a quality partnership with Athena Club by helping them navigate their first foray into the brick-and-mortar retail market and launch their line of women’s shaving products. The rollout was exclusive to Target, necessitating a drop-in endcap display that could turn heads from across the store.

Our secondary goal was to help Athena Club eliminate any hurdles or roadblocks encountered during this program so that we could become their total supply chain partner. Athena Club is an emerging brand with only an online presence and little to no retail merchandising experience — and Target has complex merchandising guidelines. We had to step in to help them through the process to ensure mutual success.

The Work

There are two ways CPGs can execute a display at Target:

  • Empty displays can meet open stock products, with a 3rd party company enlisted for the setup and filling of the display.
  • A display can be completely prepacked with the product and dropped into place.

After we showed Athena Club the advantages and disadvantages of each display execution, they decided that using a prepacked display was the best option for their purposes as it offered fast delivery with a quick setup time. We then started on the design process, rendering concepts and prototypes, ultimately coupling our concepts with critical shopper marketing data. This was our eureka moment, and the perfect display chassis soon came to life.

After some deliberation, we decided to use an all-corrugate structure with high-gloss litho-lamination graphics. To create order, neatness and a sense of separation between the products, we used stepped dividers and metal peg hooks to merchandise the razors themselves. The oversized razors fanned out on the side as a lug-on standoff was what turned heads for the entire unit.

The execution was flawless. Athena Club merely shipped the open-stock product to our fulfillment center, and a fully assembled prepacked display appeared on the proper endcap at the right time within Target.

The Results

Our results for this program were fantastic. The customer trusted us with every aspect of the merchandising supply chain, allowing us to flex our full capabilities in this sector. The endcap successfully drove trial and brand awareness, which has cascaded into future on- and off-shelf display opportunities at Target.


Today, because of this successful program, we are working on multiple display setups for varying retailers. Athena Club and our partnership with them have proven that the model can work to convert from being solely D2C to also incorporating a B2C strategy.

If your business wants to transition to brick-and-mortar retail displays and enjoy the same retail success as Athena Club, contact us today!

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