LaMarca Beverage Display

OMA Silver Award

We delightedly assisted the premium Italian wine producer LaMarca in their efforts to market their new 187ml Prosecco bottles in Kroger stores nationwide. Let’s look at how we made this a successful award-winning display that shot LaMarca’s sales up for a sustained period.

Program Objectives

Stores usually merchandise these products in two ways. Either on cut cases with the attitude of “stack it high and let it fly,” or Kroger will place them on a shelf as open stock. Our mission was to elevate LaMarca’s products above the rest by creating an upmarket destination for them within the cluttered wine section of this grocery store chain.

Our objectives for this mission were twofold. We needed to consider how to maximize the amount of product offered while keeping the display’s footprint reasonably small.

The Work

LaMarca wanted to pitch that their Prosecco display should be front and center in a locale that would disrupt the consumer’s path when entering the store. We created and proposed several different concepts to support their pitch and rendered them into actual store environments. Ultimately, LaMarca decided on the stairstep design because it keeps with the elegant tone they were going for while also being simplistic and minimizing the footprint of the display.

The high-gloss litho-lamination on the display’s corrugated structure emphasized the high-end look and feel of the LaMarca brand. While the exterior exuded elegance, we built the interior with more practicality in mind. It housed a partition set that allowed the unit to hold 72 bottles of the smaller 187ml Prosecco bottle in a reasonable three-by-two overall footprint.

The Results

This program’s results were an astounding win for LaMarca on various levels. Here are the effects this display had on LaMarca:

  • They were able to create the desired disruptive destination for their brand. The retailer even paired the larger 750ml bottles at the front of the store with the display.
  • In terms of sales, LaMarca achieved an incredible +25% sales lift monthly thanks to this simple, sleek and cost-effective display.
  • Due to the popularity of the display, most Kroger stores kept it up longer than intended, even refilling some displays with open-stock products an astonishing two or three times. LaMarca is already planning phases for a 2024 version.


It was crucial to make sure we translated the upscale nature of LaMarca into this display. That luxurious, upmarket feel comes with excellent quality, carefully chosen materials and a design that gives off a calm air of excellence. Our chosen stairstep design and the high gloss-litho lamination printing blended simplicity and luxury in a way that drew people in, while the interior partition set allowed for ample storage (72 bottles) of the giftable 187ml bottle in a three-by-two footprint.

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