Logitech Back to School Display

OMA Bronze Award

We achieved great success during our work with Logitech. We partnered with them to create a 2023 Back to School display for the big-box store Staples. Let’s explore the success of this program below.

Program Objectives

The primary objective of this display was to freshen the back-to-school experience from just the traditional school bus yellow displays to something that would create stopping power for Logitech’s wide range of connected products. We developed this display specifically to go into Staples, a big-box office supplies retailer.

We needed to incorporate multiple shopper marketing elements to draw people in while merchandising key Logitech products, such as keyboards, mice, speakers and headphones. The Logitech brand is vast, and its product offerings are stylish, trendy and quality-driven. We needed to make the display reflect these characteristics to its target audience, which ranges from high schoolers to college graduates.

The Work

Initially, Logitech hoped for a more permanent display of wood and plastic for the merchandising chassis. However, ultimately, we created a temporary rendition because of promotional time constraints and budgetary requirements. We are material agnostic, so pivoting from the initial wood and plastic format to a primarily corrugate structure that retained the intended look and feel was a simple feat.

To meet the more permanent elements the retailer required and fulfill sustainability objectives, we utilized removable metal hooks and casters in the display. We used big, bold graphics to catch consumers’ attention, and as they moved closer, the unique structural shapes and clear messaging on all sides would entice them.

As one of the marketing elements, we decided that as the consumers arrived at the display, they could get a tactile experience through dummy products mounted to the sleek top ledge to get a feel for them before deciding to buy.

The Results

Part of our considerations when designing this display was the ease of setup. The back-to-school selling season is competitive, so Logitech needed an early jump into it. The setup involved removing the shroud, inserting the header and wheeling the display to its desired location. We did this setup to ensure it was maneuvered into place first in most store locations, receiving an eye-catching spot on the display floor, giving Logitech a head start.

We saw success with this display in a few ways:

  • Staples left the unit up well past the end of the back-to-school season.
  • The retailer refreshed the display with open stock twice. This happened because of Logitech’s variety of products and the structure’s durability.
  • Logitech achieved a double-digit return on investment from a product line that was still recovering post-pandemic.

Because of the excellent performance of this display, Logitech is planning a similar structure in 2024.


In short, thanks to our ability to pivot quickly to a new design material and create the bold text, unique structural shapes and the tactile experience we offered with the products, we made this display a resounding success for Logitech.

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