Muse®: Creatables End Cap


  • Develop an end of aisle display for Purina® Muse® Creatables, a natural, grain free supplemental feeding line, that could command shopper attention at Petco
  • Educate the shopper on Muse® Creatables and how they could customize flavors for their cat food by choosing a base, adding vegetables and topping with a sauce
  • Navigate shoppers through the endcap to build and buy flavorful meals for their cats

What we did:

  • Developed point-of-sale trays that clearly organized the product categories of food base, vegetables and sauce while keeping each individual product front and center
  • Used creative color coding and clear numbering to help the shopper navigate the retail display
  • Engineered a dimensional header concept with sweeping curves and large lug-ons to command shopper attention
  • Used bold yet muted colors to convey a natural, organic feel that matched the product’s ingredient sourcing
  • Applied fun sketches of happy cats to show the emotional benefit of buying the product: the joy of giving their cat exactly what they love


  • Built trial and awareness with a display that was integral to the multi-channel “Clean Plate™ Guarantee” marketing campaign
  • Spurred basket-building, with shoppers buying multiple items from the display
  • Excellent sales spurred Purina® to launch new flavors for the line

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