Hot Wheels: Epic 3D Merchandiser


  • Create a dynamic 3D merchandiser that conveys the Hot Wheels spirit of excitement for car racing
  • Demonstrate an “Epic” track layout on the retail displays
  • Foster an added level of engagement by challenging Kroger employees to enter an “Epic” competition for the “best display”

What we did

  • Designed a pre-assembled litho and direct printed bin structure and easy to assemble litho mounted header components
  • Highly creative dump bin boldly utilizes the iconic orange Hot Wheels track.
  • A starter set of actual track components was included along with an activation kit, to be used for “Epic” contest
  • Store members built creative track layouts on the pallet displays and entered photos or videos in a social media contest; engaging shoppers in and out of the store.


  • Huge success among Kroger shoppers and employees
  • Videos of employee contest posted on YouTube helped in-store campaign gain traction
  • Contest included consumer votes for best “Epic” track display


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Interactive hot wheels quarter pallet display

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