VMC Boxing Ring Lobby Display

OMA Bronze Award

For this award-winning display, we partnered with VMC Drinks to produce something that personifies their values as a brand and emphasizes their crucial partnership. Let’s explore how we did it.

Program Objectives

Our objectives for this project were to create a display that brings attention to VMC’s pride in its Mexican roots and ensure that we show the strength and value of their partnership with the Mexican boxer Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán. VMC is a new brand. Mexican spirits group Casa Lumbre formed it in 2022. They are known for producing a variety of popular Mexican alcohols.

They needed a strong display for their entry into the U.S. market that reminded Mexican-Americans of their roots, as identity is a great characteristic to target for marketing purposes. The display needed to be easy to set up and take down, so we created it as a case stacker for display in lobbies.

The Work

To convey the two crucial concepts — Mexican heritage and the partnership with Santos Saúl Álvarez — we decided that the key fixture of the display would be that it must resemble a boxing ring. We used two corrugated plastic columns with digital printing of the VMC brand’s bird of prey on all four sides to accomplish this task. Between these columns, we hung heavy-duty colored rope elements with metal fittings. We topped them off with formed metal top caps with a gold powder-coated finish.

On top of the columns, we used a contour-cut 3D corrugated header with a large-scale image of Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán that people could use for photo opportunities. The VMC logo and slogan were printed in bold on the header, showcasing their three drink flavors. This was set against a light background picture of a Blue Agave field with a simple farmers’ cottage on the right, meant to represent a field in the boxer’s home state of Jalisco.

The midground had the typical picture of the VMC bird perched on a Blue Agave plant. The background showcased the brand’s Mexican roots and the prime ingredient of the tequila portion of the drink.

We draped realistic boxing ring ropes in the middle to make this display stand out. We chose the colors based on the Mexican Flag: green, white and red. Again, this reinforced the relationship between boxing and Mexico and created a unique look and feel to this case stacker display.


This display was successful in several ways. It drove sales, but more importantly, it increased brand awareness in the U.S., especially among the target Mexican audience. It was not a complex display to set up, so stores quickly put it together. Overall, it succeeded in getting VMC’s name into the public eye.


To summarize, VMC tasked us with creating a stand-out case stacker display to help their brand identity in the U.S. market and emphasize their Mexican roots and partnership with boxer Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán.

If you are looking to break into a new market, let us help! We’ll create an eye-catching, practical display that will draw attention to your brand and product.


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