Tidy Cats: Lift it to Believe it


  • Nestle Purina challenged us to prove to the consumer that cat litter doesn’t have to weigh a ton to get the job done
  • The mission was to demonstrate the dramatic difference in weight between the old and the new Tidy Cat products
  • Design an interactive module with retractable tethers to maintain the integrity of the store displays and reduce housekeeping

What we did

  • Developed a lift-test demonstration module that used actual product packaging (new vs. old) and invited consumers to feel the difference
  • Universal design was used in 5 retail configurations including full and half pallets; we designed custom units for Target and Pet Smart
  • Corrugated parts were direct-printed and litho-mounted, plus lock stream tube supports were used to reinforce the shelving


  • The launch was one of the largest ever undertaken by Nestle Purina and enjoyed nationwide success at major retailers


cat litter interactive pallet display

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