How to Create the Perfect Holiday Retail Display for Your Products

The winter holiday season is an excellent opportunity for stores to facilitate retail engagement through increased purchases. Creating innovative and attention-grabbing holiday retail displays can help you advertise and sell more seasonal products. Strategic visual merchandising can go a long way in taking advantage of the profitability of holiday sales and offerings.

With a variety of retail holiday display ideas available, you will find ones that fit your budgetary needs and your marketing objectives. Learn more about the best holiday store display ideas to showcase your brand and optimize your business.

The Importance of Retail Displays During the Holiday Season

Retail displays are vital for companies to sell their products in-store during the holiday season. As an easy and affordable marketing strategy, retail displays can garner a significant amount of attention for your store or business.

Connecting With Your Customers

Creating an innovative display themed for the holidays allows you to take advantage of the positive associations customers have with winter holidays. You can inspire your customers through creative designs and use your displays to encourage sales. Visually intriguing and themed displays help strengthen your customers’ connection with your brand.

Expert display execution will help you keep your customers’ attention and convince them to buy your products. Convenient, attractive and straightforward displays have the best chance of promoting brand awareness to shoppers. Choosing a display that is a good fit for your products is essential for creating brand loyalty and increasing the chances of a customer making more purchases in the future.

Marketing Benefits

There are numerous financial benefits to retail displays during the holidays. As many winter holidays celebrate through gift-giving, people are actively looking for things to purchase for their loved ones. Custom merchandising displays tailored to the holiday season will help promote your business and establish consistency throughout your marketing materials. As you drive purchases in stores through your retail displays, you can expand your brand awareness.

Some of the marketing advantages of retail displays for the holidays include their attention-grabbing impact and their ability to increase annual sales. Retail displays are a straightforward and efficient manner of convincing people to purchase from your brand.

In-Store Shopping

In-Store Shopping

Even as online commerce grows in popularity and accessibility, people still complete a lot of shopping in physical retail locations. When people want or need something immediately, they tend to travel to a physical store location for the benefits of speed and convenience. Many people also prefer to do their holiday shopping in traditional brick-and-mortar stores to have the best chance of finding the perfect gifts for their loved ones.

Physical retail displays have continued to demonstrate their effectiveness in securing purchases and driving customer interest. Due to their cost-effective and efficient nature, they remain an excellent way to boost sales, attract potential customers and promote your products for tremendous brand success in a short amount of time.

6 Tips to Create the Perfect Retail Display

To make the most of your holiday retail display, you should optimize your setup and design elements and maximize your display’s exposure. These six tips will help you transform your display and make the most of customers’ spending during the holiday season.

1. Leverage Your Lighting

Playing with lighting can have a considerable impact on the reception of your holiday display. Lining your window displays, checkout areas and retail displays with bright string lights can promote festive energy, transform your display and provide eye-catching contrast for your customers. Lighting can also evoke the right emotion of winter cheer and warmth to encourage holiday purchases.

It is also vital to ensure you have proper illumination to make the most of your holiday displays. Investing in energy-efficient lights to keep your displays lit maintains the warmth of the holiday mood and adds intrigue for your customers. Remember to replace any dim or broken bulbs so you can keep your display looking fresh and clean, and consider adding backlighting to your holiday displays for increased visibility.

2. Choose Relevant Color Combinations

Applying the proper colors to your holiday display is crucial for your display’s success. Establish your brand through unique designs, color combinations and imagery, and coordinate colors to specific products and individual motifs to draw attention to your brand. If your business already has a recognizable color scheme, it helps to stick with it and accentuate it through your display’s unique design.

It is also worth mentioning that it can help to expand your design beyond the classic Christmas holiday color scheme of red and green. Instead, play off of universal winter tropes to be inclusive of other holidays and consider other color combination options. Opt for more non-denominational winter themes by featuring colors such as blue, white, gray, gold and more earthy tones. You might also play off of your brand’s signature colors to help cement your products in the minds of your customers.

3. Take Advantage of Holiday Imagery

To make the most of your display, appeal to an array of winter holidays across multiple cultures and religions. Finding props that support your retail display communicates the vibe of winter holidays and conveys your brand’s signature style.

Remember to plan your props carefully, as something too large may distract your customers from your product or block their line of sight. Still, something too minimal might be insufficient to communicate the overall goals of your display. Configure your props until you reach an arrangement that feels natural and true to your brand.

If you have a specific holiday in mind to suit your market, you can also incorporate themes into your displays to tell a story and urge customers to make a purchase. Sticking to a particular theme will help keep your display organized, spark interest and provide a straightforward takeaway to encourage shopper engagement with your brand and products. Appealing to classic winter and holiday imagery such as snow, pine trees and presents can also help reinforce your message and convey the joy and excitement of the holiday season.

4. Optimize Your Display’s Location

A critical question you should ask yourself regarding your display is where to locate it for the best sales outcome. Spreading your displays consistently across a store’s floor space can help maintain consistency in both your brand and theme. Displays situated in these three areas will naturally capture the most attention from your customers due to the amount of foot traffic:

  • The entrance of the store: Locating your retail display near the entrance to the store creates an inviting and compelling first impression for potential buyers. Around the holidays, window displays can help your customers understand your brand and what products you have to offer before they enter your store.
  • The outposts: Outposts are the parts of a store where commonly trafficked pathways meet areas dedicated to merchandise. Positioning winter retail displays in areas where customers are most likely to notice them will make your products easily accessible and create a focal point centered around the items you wish to promote.
  • The checkout area: Displays placed near the checkout area of a store will urge shoppers to make further purchases even after they have finished shopping. According to a 2019 study, 84%-86% of Americans report making an impulse purchase in retail stores or online. Drawing attention to items for last-minute gift purchases through a strategically placed retail display can take advantage of impulse buying.

5. Use Classic Retail Signage

Graphic displays that communicate your brand’s message and maintain brand awareness are the most effective at capturing attention and communicating sales, deals and special offers available during the holiday season. The best signage for your display will be prominent and clear so customers can read it easily and spot it from a distance.

Sleek, coherent and well-conceived display signage can be a great finishing touch to your holiday displays. Using iconic fonts and layouts unique to your brand will help your products become more widely recognizable to your customers. Through catchy slogans and consistent branding elements, your signage can also support the rest of your displays and tie them together.

6. Keep the Design Visually Manageable

Most importantly, you want to avoid overwhelming your customers by keeping your design orderly, tasteful and easy to understand. If you limit the number of products you feature, you will alleviate confusion and offer enough choices to keep customers engaged and interested. Take the time to gauge the size of retail space available so you can best estimate the maximum number of products you can have on your display.

Stocking fewer items at a time will help your customers focus on the most important products of your retail display. By prioritizing items that will return the highest profit line, you will also reduce distracting clutter that may take away from the overall impact of your display. The holidays are already an overwhelming time with plenty of choices for customers and decorations to capture their attention. A more simplistic yet themed display can draw in potential customers and give their eyes a break.

What Holiday Display Is Right for You?

What Holiday Display Is Right for You?

When choosing which kind of holiday display is perfect for your brand, you need to know how to distinguish among the various types. As you plan what display is suitable for you, consider how they might fit within the store’s layout and best target your market audience.

A genuinely effective retail display can help you stand out from your competition and have a massive impact on your winter sales. So what are the different kinds you can choose from?

End Cap Unit

End cap units are a type of display that people place at the end of aisles to capture shoppers’ attention. End cap displays are a great choice for stores with distinctly marked aisles. As people move up and down the aisles, these displays will naturally draw their eyes as they pass by. End cap displays will also allow customers to view seasonal or special products without actually traveling down an aisle to see them. Due to their sturdiness, end cap units also provide a heavy-duty display option for your merchandise.


Every bit of floor space in a store can make a difference in terms of sales. Floor retail displays are a type of standing display that centralizes your merchandise. Floor displays elevate your products to improve their visibility and accessibility and also draw attention to the presented products. They are also one of the most attractive ways to advertise your brand’s products due to their neat organization with shelves. Shoppers will feel encouraged to inspect your products more closely.


When you want to boost your level of shopper engagement, interactive retail displays are an incredibly compelling choice. Interactive displays are a great way to adapt to new marketing trends by embracing technology and maintaining relevance for your brand. They provide shoppers with an immersive experience, collect valuable consumer data and bring your product to life.

Aisle Unit

Aisle Unit

Much like floor displays, aisle unit displays are freestanding and allow people to access them from any side. Aisle units allow for the display of a greater number of products due to the ability to access them from all directions. They work best for an area with plenty of open space for people to navigate and are also extremely useful for promoting engagement with shoppers by interrupting traffic patterns.

Power Wings

For a display that is both flexible and eye-catching, power wings or sidekicks are an excellent choice. As they hang at eye level from existing shelving, you can attach them to the end of an aisle or end cap within your store, and they maximize the use of your space. You can customize your power wings to fit your holiday offerings best, meet your brand specifications and even promote impulse purchases. Power wings also allow for a fast and easy display setup within a store.


As the seasons change and the holidays come and go, a temporary display will last the perfect amount of time and be easy to change once you are ready to switch out your display. Temporary displays from Great Northern Instore can last for a few weeks to a couple of months and allow many different printing and branding options. Our temporary displays are also more cost-effective than permanent retail display designs. We design them primarily out of corrugated cardboard, 60%-95% of which is entirely recyclable post-consumer waste.


Window displays, or window dressings, are the most classically recognized form of holiday retail displays. They can offer a powerful first impression to shoppers and can determine whether they enter a store. If you have access to a storefront window, you can take full advantage of setting the holiday mood and play off of classic winter designs to draw customers to your brand. Window displays are also excellent at communicating your brand’s message while enhancing a store’s visual appeal.

Great Northern Instore Has Your Holiday Display Solutions

Retail holiday displays can help you attract greater attention over the winter season and promote your seasonal products with ease. With the best customer service and integrated solutions to make the most out of advertising your products, Great Northern Instore will help you create exciting and eye-catching custom displays. With quality holiday displays, we aim to provide complete solutions and creative ideas that will drive purchases and elevate your in-store presence.

Contact a Great Northern Instore expert today to impress your customers and stand out from the competition this holiday season!

Great Northern Instore Has Your Holiday Display Solutions

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