Average Retail Shelf Height

Shelf height is one of the most important considerations when setting up display fixtures in a retail establishment. It plays a crucial role in shaping the customer experience. The wrong height can make the experience feel massive and less shopper-friendly or too confining and claustrophobic. And if the fixtures are too high, shorter customers can have a hard time reaching the top shelf of the display.

Retail display height also impacts product placement. As the saying goes, eye level is buy level. You want to ensure the items you’re trying to promote and sell the most are in the most visible, convenient location for your customers.

Know Your Customer

The point of retail shelving is to present your goods in a manner that makes customers want to purchase them. Customers plan only about one-third of the purchases they make. The rest are impulse buys, which means that the shelves should provide maximum product visibility and appeal.

Some factors to consider when determining the appropriate retail shelf height from your customers’ perspective include:


  • Store type: Think about where customers will expect to see your product. Larger or big-box establishments like Walmart or Target have higher ceilings and wider aisles, which means that the average retail shelf height is likely to be higher.
  • Accessibility: You should also consider your customers’ functional needs when selecting the best shelf height. For example, if you’re selling cosmetics, your shelving should be low enough to allow buyers to pick the items up and test them. If your products are larger and less hands-on, a taller, deeper display typically works best.


Know Your Products

Having an in-depth knowledge of your products also impacts the shelf height decision. Some factors to evaluate include:


  • Volume: Taller shelving helps to project volume. The more products you are looking to display, the higher the shelf height should be. Conversely, if you’re offering fewer items, lower shelving enables you to convey quality instead of quantity and a more intimate shopping experience.
  • Size: Are you selling larger, heavier products? A lower shelf height may be necessary to ensure customers can remove the item without dropping or damaging it or injuring themselves. Smaller, lighter products can sit higher to make them more visible and easier to handle.
  • Matching with display types: As you search for displays, you’ll find that they’re available in multiple heights. Great Northern Instore can make the selection process easier by offering various display products we can customize to your retail environment and unique height requirements. 


Why Choose Great Northern Instore?

Great Northern Instore can help you achieve the best product placement with our high-quality retail displays and signage. When you partner with us, you get a turnkey solution you can install immediately on your sales floor. You’ll also get excellent service. We believe in building enduring relationships with our customers to ensure the best long-term results. Our goal is to help you win.

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