Improving In-Store Merchandising With Digital Signage

In-store merchandising displays are essential for your brand to advertise to customers and encourage them to make a purchase. While many marketing efforts happen outside the store, they do not stop once a shopper enters a store. Unique displays and signage are crucial to catching consumers’ eyes and directing them to learn more about your product and potentially purchase it.

You can enhance your brand’s in-store merchandising campaigns by including digital signage. Digital signage is an excellent addition to your marketing and advertising campaigns. It adds an innovative way to display information about your product while intriguing consumers.

Learn why digital signage is essential and how it benefits your in-store marketing strategy.

Why Is Digital Signage Important?

Your brand is among many vying for the attention and selection of consumers. When you want to make a statement and have your products stand out among the competition, consider digital signage. Digital signage can include:

  • Video
  • Interactive touch screens
  • Live TV

You can use these digital forms to broadcast your message in-store, whether it involves telling your brand’s story, providing social media testimonials or highlighting new product releases. The movement included in digital displays makes capturing shoppers’ attention easier. Generally, people passing by will linger longer to watch the display compared to only staying for the few seconds it takes to read a static display.

Digital signage impacts consumers 2.5 times more than static displays. In the extra time looking at the digital display, consumers may decide to enter the store or look at the product. With digital signage’s impact on in-store merchandising, your brand can take advantage of all its benefits.

digital signage provides many benefits

Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital signage provides many benefits for brands. When you implement digital displays for your products, you have an increased chance of obtaining more leads and sales. The perks of digital signage are endless when you use them to advertise your products.

Some benefits of implementing digital displays include the following:

1. Personalizes In-Store Shopping Experience

You can create displays based on your target audience’s market research to deliver more personalized shopping experiences. Consumers who feel connected to marketing messages are more likely to interact with your products. You could use eye-catching interactive displays to gain the attention of shoppers. Interactive digital displays help boost conversion rates because of the convenience they provide for consumers.

Customers can learn about products more easily thanks to the information provided on the signage, and they may spend more time engaging with your product when you have an interactive display. When consumers have a positive experience with a brand, they are more likely to remember it, which could lead to conversions.

2. Promotes Product Launches and Sales

One of the most popular benefits of digital displays is how they help promote product launches and sales in-store. The movement, digital effects, bright colors and other features of digital signs can help boost your products to the fullest marketing potential. You can create flashy content to showcase the new products you are launching or signify a sale.

Digital displays are a great way to highlight the promotions you want to emphasize. Additionally, you can use digital displays to upsell and cross-sell other products. Enticing digital signage promoting additional items that go well with the nearby products can help you increase sales. It also adds to the shopping experience because customers will now know about other products they could enjoy.

3. Builds Brand Recognition

You can ensure your brand is well-marketed by having a digital display. With the various messages you can deliver using digital displays, you have excellent opportunities to showcase your brand. Whether you focus solely on sharing your brand’s story or merge your efforts for product promotion and brand awareness, implementing digital displays is an excellent way to build brand recognition.

You will have more creative freedom to relay your brand’s story to consumers by using digital signage. Many people develop brand loyalty because of the story, so you can use the display features to your advantage for in-store marketing.

4. Improves Product Visualization

Depending on your product’s functionality and purpose, you can also use digital signage to provide demonstrations and improved product visuals. You have more room to show your product’s beauty or how it works because you can show in real-time how your item functions.

If there are multiple versions of the same product, you can also use digital displays to showcase each variation more in-depth so consumers can determine which versions they like best.

5. Educates Customers and Generates Leads

If your product may be more complex or new, a video display is a great way to showcase the product while educating customers about it. You can include an instructional video to show customers how to operate the item. Additionally, you can deliver crucial information about the product to help consumers learn more about the product simply and quickly.

Video displays also generate leads and loyalty. Some customers are more likely to engage with your brand after seeing a display that piques their interest and helps them learn about the product. After looking at a display, consumers might be more inclined to purchase because they understand the product’s benefits, thanks to the information provided on display.

Any way you can generate leads with in-store merchandising is an opportunity to appeal to a broader audience. If your digital displays include calls-to-action like email signups, you could potentially have more chances to turn leads into conversions for your brand.

get digital signage solutions from Great Northern Instore

Digital Signage Solutions From Great Northern Instore

Are you ready to take your in-store merchandising and marketing to the next level? Great Northern Instore has digital signage solutions to showcase your products effectively. Our video displays provide a unique way to deliver an immersive shopping experience while ensuring your product and brand are front and center.  We have a wide range of options for different budgets, including the capability to load new, relevant content over the life span of the display.

At Great Northern Instore, we combine innovative manufacturing with award-winning design to present the best display solutions for your company. We work with you through the entire process, from initial design conception to final distribution. We will help you create digital displays that attract new leads and potentially lead to conversions. You can improve your brand’s sales by slowing shoppers to stop and look at your products with exciting video and interactive displays.

Our highly experienced designers can help you enhance your in-store merchandising efforts. Work with Great Northern Instore to start creating quality digital displays today. Call us at 262-681-5226 or fill out our contact form to get started!

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