Planogram (POG) Solutions

In your retail space, you want your customers to know where to go and how to find what they need. Laying out your store’s products and merchandise effectively is the key to ensuring your customers come back — and detailing the operation system for its displays is the best way to make that happen.

What Is a Planogram (POG)?

A planogram (POG) is what retail spaces use as a schematic blueprint in order to plan and map out where the store’s merchandise and displays will go. It also finds the best space for point-of-sale (POS) systems so they enhance the shopping experience rather than obstruct customers.

Planograms act as a part of a visual merchandising plan that determines the best way to display items and maximize the use of space in the store. The planogram is drawn up as a birds-eye view representation of the entire store and accounts for the customer’s footpath, ideal placement of products for maximizing sales and more.

The blueprint is meant to strategically place the most high-value items in the direct view of customers and determine where to place items like platforms, shelves and other retail fixtures like baskets. The ideal outcome is to find the best midpoint between the needs of the merchandise, like shelf life and limited runs, and the needs of suppliers.

Explore Our Planogram Solutions

At Great Northern Instore, we understand that your retail space is your priority. We have the planogram solutions to help you get started planning out your layout and maximizing your sales potential. Make the most out of the space you have available to give your customers the best shopping experience and convince them to keep coming back.

Benefits of Planograms

Planograms have two basic iterations — floor plans and shelf space. They both account for the size of your store space and how best to fit the shelves you want to use for your products. When you take the time to consider these elements, you’ll gain several advantages, such as how best to use your space and eliminate waste by finding a use for a spot you may not have previously considered.

With a planogram, you get to create smarter designs and use specific details like packaging and shelving dimensions to plan the overall look and feel of your space. Give your customers the positive and convenient shopping experience you want them to associate with your retail space and brand.  Incorporating the right point of purchase signage to navigate and educate your shoppers is also critical to maximizing sales.

Planograms also give you the tools for inventory management. Using your product turnover rate, they give you an idea of where to place the goods that perish faster. Customers will see what they need first and then move outwards to the items on your shelves that have a longer shelf life.

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Work with Great Northern Instore for expert planogram (POG) solutions, maximize space and sales, and account for every square inch of your retail space. We will work with your space to make sure it reaches its full potential for you and your customers. Contact us today to get started.

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