Smart Display Trends and Insights

Smart displays are on the rise in retail, with many new technologies emerging and smart display market share increasing. In this webinar, we discuss the two main paths of applying smart retail displays: the data collection path and the shopper engagement path.

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Smart Displays to Collect Data

Retail displays can be instrumental in driving sales, but one of the challenges is ensuring that these displays are set up in the stores. One way to monitor display usage is, by making the display smart with beacons. Beacons are real-time tracking devices attached to the inside of a display that connects to a network of app users who passively sense the displays to show where they are located in the store.

There is also Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which is activated by a chip in your smartphone that engages with a concealed sticker in a display. When a shopper taps on the display, they get driven to a unique, branded mobile experience or offer while the brand learns the display is executed in that particular store.

Another way to collect data is to monitor shopper metrics. Sensors are used to detect how many people are walking within a certain vicinity, how long they are dwelling at a display, and how many times products are picked up. They can also sense things like temperature, light, and motion for additional information on specific products.

Smart Displays to Engage Shoppers

Smart displays can be used to provide an enriched shopping experience and get the customer to engage with their mobile devices. Common methods of enhancing the shopper experience with smart displays include videos, projection, and voice activation.

Those are technologies that can be embedded inside a display.  Displays can also drive shoppers to a unique mobile experience, to take advantage of digital assets, help them quickly see product reviews, or get an instant offer.  When it comes to mobile engagement, there is a portfolio of methods (QR codes, beacons, NFC, and more) that can drive a shopper to your brand’s digital experience.

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At Great Northern Instore, we strive to cultivate a culture of continual learning. Shopper insights are the foundation of our forward-thinking strategy — both for our own company and for our clients. We work to continually learn and apply fresh insights in order to stay on the latest curve of what consumers think, want and need. We share these insights through our bi-monthly webinar program, as guided by our fundamental mission: to help our customers win by doing what others can’t or won’t.

In each webinar, we unpack brick and mortar store insights and offer actionable next steps related to specific retail industries.
Our insights are drawn from national retail audits conducted by our team.

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