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Delving into industry trends provides retailers with a wealth of information that shapes how they conduct business, reach out to consumers, and market their products. That’s why it pays to listen and glean insights wherever you can.

Understanding shopper insights for any particular industry takes a combination of curiosity, innovation, and in-depth research. Unpacking trends goes beyond examining what has worked in the past. Instead, it involves newer, more creative approaches that may work better moving forward.

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An Inside Look at Home Improvement Industry Trends

Great Northern Instore serves as a thought leader at retail. Our Win at Retail webinar series allows us to share industry trends and data-driven insights about the home improvement channel. As we focus on this $425 billion industry, we provide viewers with an overview of the home improvement leaders such as The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace, True Value and others.  We also capture information about these products that are sold in other channels, such as mass merchandisers.

We cover a range of topics, including:

  • The growth of home improvement spending.
  • The changing motivations driving shoppers to make purchases, such as fixer-upper projects for millennials and aging-in-place modifications for Baby Boomers.
  • Current retail trends within the home improvement industry.
  • Future opportunities and how retailers strive to stay competitive as this industry continues to evolve.

Our webinar takes a deep dive into the core factors that drive consumers to close a sale. We discuss how to tailor retail strategies toward these motivations. Many upcoming high-dollar home improvement trends will be driven by a twin-engine boost from millennials as they enter homeownership and aging Boomers with their changing mobility and accessibility needs.

Our home improvement industry webinar will include actionable insight into how custom retail displays can help retailers target evolving trends to accomplish their goals. You’ll learn how brand awareness can connect you with new customers and create a memorable experience for shoppers. You will also discover innovative solutions that can drive your business forward and propel new sales.

Duracell at Home Depot

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We believe that a culture of continual learning is essential to winning at retail. Shopper insights serve as the foundation of forward-thinking strategies.

At Great Northern Instore, we strive to continually learn and apply unique insights to stay up-to-date on what consumers believe, want, and need. The insights we gain are then shared through our bi-monthly webinar series. We do this as part of our fundamental mission — to help our clients win by doing what our competitors can’t or won’t.

Each webinar unpacks brick-and-mortar store insights and provides actionable steps for specific retail industries. All insights are garnered from national retail audits conducted by our knowledgeable team.

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Consumer Electronics Insights

View our insights from Great Northern Instore’s store audits focused on the consumer electronics industry.

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Back to School Retail Insights

View our recorded webinar to learn the latest on back to school shopper insights. Learn about engaging shoppers and help gathering actionable insight; all to drive business results.

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Trends from EuroShop

Euroshop is the world’s largest retail show. With this huge scale, it is the leading place to monitor the trends and latest technologies available for retail world-wide. Great Northern Instore sent a team there to capture the latest trends, and develop a holistic view of them. We presented a webinar to showcase our findings and discuss applications to help you win.

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Interested in incorporating a deep well of insight into your next home improvement retail project? Be sure to view our past home improvement webinars, filled with statistics, data points and insights into past, present and future consumer trends.

If you would like answers to specific questions, feel free to contact our team. You can also browse our library of other recently recorded webinars to learn about other relevant topics, such as food and beverage industry insights and smart display trends.

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