Why POP Displays Are an Effective Marketing Strategy

Point-of-purchase displays can be an effective marketing strategy for product manufacturers and advertisers nationwide. When customers enter stores and see well-designed displays with attractive products, they are more likely to want to purchase those items and return for more. POP displays can increase sales while being a great advertising tool for your business.

What Are Point-of-Purchase Displays?

Point-of-purchase (POP) displays act as marketing and advertising material, often placed close to the product it wants to sell. Because it becomes a part of the product’s advertising strategy, it targets specific shoppers who are ready to immediately buy your item.

POP displays are placed in specific grocery store areas to guide customers to promotions, discounts or deals and encourage them to engage with the brand and purchase the product. These displays aim to increase customer spending while helping influence customers to favor your product over the competition. POP displays may also affect customers’ buying habits and emotions.

If shoppers have never seen your product, a POP display can encourage them to buy it for the first time. While its role is not to attract new customers, it can promote more brand interaction through strategic placements in various spaces in the store.

Types of Point-of-Purchase Displays

Various types of POP displays offer different benefits and might fit well depending on your store’s needs. Consider exploring which POP types might encourage more shoppers or appeal to impulse buyers. Here are five types of POP displays your grocery store should explore and consider.

1. Vendor Shop POP Displays

Vendor shops and point-of-purchase display types offer a small shop placed in-store. Often a section of the store is reserved for the display, full of creativity and elaborate designs. The point of the vendor shop is to create an effective marketing strategy while encouraging customers to engage with your product.

In a vendor shop, the product is placed in the center of the display to offer better visibility and act as an attention-grabber. A vendor shop can also improve sales through increased attraction. This type of POP display allows for more room to place different marketing strategies throughout the store with intentionality.

Those with little space or room in the store may benefit from a vendor shop. Although often a more costly option than other POP displays, many companies make a high return on their investments.

2. Freestanding POP Displays

Freestanding point-of-purchase displays act as small shelves to show off products through creative corrugated cardboard designs. They have a more significant advantage than other POP displays, as freestanding displays can quickly grab customers’ attention from far away. Because many are made with eye-catching colors and images, shoppers are influenced to buy the product or further interact with your brand.

3. Dump Bin POP Displays

Dump bin POP displays act as singular shelves shaped like accessible bins. They are meant to hold smaller products like drinks, snacks, movies or batteries. While their bin shape might limit your company’s design creativity, they create incredible product visibility, meaning you will easily catch people’s attention. Products can be grabbed quickly, increasing your sales and brand awareness.

4. End Cap POP Displays

End cap POP displays are often placed at the end of an aisle, similar to a small shelf for customers to browse. These displays are common in grocery stores and increase product exposure while remaining more affordable to create, meaning you can make plenty of end-cap displays to fit your needs.

Remember that many grocery stores have limited space for end caps, increasing competition among brands.

5. Banner Stand POP Displays

A banner stand POP display acts like standard signage in grocery stores and retail outlets. Banners with specific advertisements can be placed throughout the store due to their flexibility and flat shape. Whether you have a small store or a large, crowded outlet, companies can quickly move banners around from place to place.

Banner stand POP displays are cheaper than other options and can be produced quickly. The only limit is that you will not be able to display the actual product. Banners act as informational material or can act as a companion to other POP displays.


Why POP Displays Make Effective Marketing Tools

POP displays make practical marketing tools for a variety of reasons. From drawing attention to offering personalized experiences and enticing impulse buyers, POP displays allow your company to appeal to all customers. Here are four reasons POP displays make excellent advertising tools.

1. They Draw Shoppers’ Attention

POP displays can draw shoppers’ attention, making them a great company marketing tool. If you have a new product, a POP display can bring immediate attention to your item. Point-of-purchase displays offer good promotion, brand awareness and design options. Using a display with similar colors and shapes to your product can create a pleasing and attractive experience for potential customers.

2. They Offer a Personalized Experience

POP displays offer personalized experiences for potential customers, allowing them to feel connected with your product. When the experience is unique to the shopper, they want to buy the product and interact with your experience. You are more likely to increase sales due to the POP displays.

Personalized features may look like attention-grabbing designs and colors or interactive elements that appeal to passing shoppers. For example, your display could have a QR code to scan for information or coupons. You could also include a touch-screen where customers can scroll through product details. The display could also contain special offers like coupons or discounts.

3. They Increase Brand Awareness

Point-of-purchase displays offer brand awareness and promote positive impressions to future customers. If you want your brand image to remain strong, consider making attractive displays to retain current customers and encourage new ones.

Those not utilizing POP displays might have difficulty creating product awareness. A POP display is an excellent way for companies who want to market a new product. Consider investing in large canvases or display tables in grocery and retail stores to optimize visibility and increase new sales.

4. They Promote Impulse Buying

Point-of-purchase displays can promote products to impulse buyers. Impulse buyers are tempted to buy items as soon as they see them, helping you increase sales while understanding what types of customers to target. POP displays can entice customers through attractive and creative designs, meaning you can accurately target shoppers and create long-term relationships and purchases.

Some examples of products you might promote to impulse buyers include food, drinks, makeup products or electronic items like batteries or chargers.

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