permanent vs temporary retail displays

Permanent vs. Temporary Retail Displays

Once you decide to invest in point-of-purchase (POP) marketing for your product, you need to strategize. How long will your in-store promotions last? How many promotions will you execute each year? What is the best way to ensure your products stand out from the crowd?

Your answers to these questions will determine whether to focus on permanent or temporary displays. Your strategy might combine long-term and short-term POP promotions or straddle the line with semi-permanent merchandisers. Let’s weigh the benefits of temporary versus permanent POP displays to help you decide.

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How to Create the Perfect Holiday Retail Display for Your Products

How to Create the Perfect Holiday Retail Display for Your Products

The winter holiday season is an excellent opportunity for stores to facilitate retail engagement through increased purchases. Creating innovative and attention-grabbing holiday retail displays can help you advertise and sell more seasonal products. Strategic visual merchandising can go a long way in taking advantage of the profitability of holiday sales and offerings.

With a variety of retail holiday display ideas available, you will find ones that fit your budgetary needs and your marketing objectives. Learn more about the best holiday store display ideas to showcase your brand and optimize your business.
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Food & Beverage Webinar

Win at Retail Webinar: Food & Beverage 2021

Our next Win at Retail webinar is coming up.  Join us as we dive into the Food and Beverage categories.  We will evaluate the innovations that are driving successful trends at retail.  The Great Northern Instore team has captured food and beverage activations in retail across the nation, and we will bring you the latest insights to help you develop your next winning instore program.

Join us for our insightful webinar:

  • Thursday, June 24th at 1:00PM CST
  • Tuesday, June 29th at 1:00PM CST

Click here to register for one of these sessions!

We look forward to helping you win at retail!

What Does POG Stand For In Retail?

What Does POG Stand for in Retail?

With e-commerce on the rise, creating an impactful and compelling shopping experience is crucial to the success of any brick-and-mortar retailer. Yet, this requires a lot of forethought. From deciding the footpath customers should take to determining where product displays should go, optimizing the use of your retail space is not always easy. That’s where the POG can help.

POG stands for “planograms.” This visual retail merchandising tool helps retailers optimize the placement of products on their shelves. The ideal value of planograms is planning how to effectively use the physical space at your disposal, steer your shoppers, and ultimately increase customer purchases.

Read on to learn more about a POG and how it’s used in retail merchandising.

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How Does Color Affect Consumer Behavior?

How Does Color Affect Consumer Behavior?

Have you ever wondered what color makes people want to buy certain products? Color marketing is a powerful tool for merchandisers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands. Learning how to harness it for your brand and retail marketing can significantly impact your bottom line and in-store customer experience.

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Retail Displays Not Working? Here's Why and What to Do About It

Retail Displays Not Working? Here’s Why and What to Do About It

Retail displays have been around for decades. They’ve expanded from window displays to entrances and checkout lines to branded shelf space throughout the entire retail store. For many brands, in-store marketing is tried-and-true. Merchandising stands are used to increase brand awareness, encourage sales to lift, and introduce new products. If you are not experiencing the success you had hoped for with some of your recent displays, it is time to adjust your strategy. Here is what to avoid and what tactics will win more sales.

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Consumer Electronics Webinar

Win at Retail Webinar: Consumer Electronics 2021

The Great Northern Instore team was at it again, safely getting out to retail to observe and audit the Consumer Electronics category for you.  Given the increasing competitive landscape and changes within the consumer electronics industry, effective in-store merchandising and point-of-sale marketing have never been more important. Great Northern Instore highlighted the trends for the consumer electronics category in our insightful webinar.

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Great Northern Instore - Holiday Retail Webinar

Win at Retail Webinar: Holiday Insights

To get 2021 started off right, we have an insightful presentation that captures the latest holiday trends and impactful executions at retail.  Our team captured many dynamic retail activations with high impact executions in mass, grocery, drug, home improvement and specialty retail stores.

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Design of the Times - Retail Display Awards

2020 Design of the Times Finalists

What works best at retail? Our 80+ designers and engineers are experts in applying insights to develop a range of creative, practical solutions that meet your marketing objectives and fit your budget parameters. Collaborating with great clients, our team had three activations recognized as Design of the Times finalists.

Best Shopper Experience
This engaging Mattel pallet allows children to climb in the fire truck while merchandising the toys on both sides of the activation.

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Retail Webinar: Health & Beauty

Win at Retail Webinar: Health & Beauty Insights

In an industry that is guided by image and trends, merchandising plays a big role in how customers view health and beauty products during their shopping experience.  As a leading designer and manufacturer of instore display, Great Northern Instore continues to keep on top of these trends and innovations to create winning retail activations in the health and beauty segment.  This fall, we focused our audits to find stand out health and beauty activations in retail.

We shared our findings and insights during our webinar. Access the webinar here:

If you have any instore challenges or opportunities, please reach out.  We look forward assisting you to develop innovative retail activations, and helping you win at retail!

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