What is Shopper Marketing?

“Ask ten different people how they define shopper marketing and one gets ten different answers.”
2014 HUB Magazine article

While shopper marketing is still evolving, we know the path is clear. Gone are the days when consumer goods companies controlled the market and could generate demand by placing a commercial on the big three networks. Retail consolidation created powerful companies which are now fighting to continue the growth. This has led to renewed focus on the shopper.

Shopper Marketing focuses on applying insights to connect with shoppers, along their path to purchase. According to leading agencies and the publisher of “Shopper Marketing,” the Path to Purchase Institute, today’s shopper marketers strive to identify the key purchase decision triggers for their products and execute solutions that drive their business performance. Sounds simple, but it requires strong knowledge of product, retail, the shopper target, and the growing toolkit of vehicles that can reach the target. It is a cross-functional task that requires a deft orchestration of multiple layers.

The shopper marketing toolkit includes a rapidly growing, innovative portfolio of vehicles that reach the target throughout their shopping journey. Using ever sophisticated targeting techniques, including the use of detailed shopper data, these marketers can ensure the right message reaches the right target via direct mail, mobile, digital, and social tools.

Instore marketing, a traditional tool, is still a critical component of a shopper marketing campaign. Ninety-three percent of all 2015 retail sales still occur in brick and mortar stores. Many examples and studies demonstrate how a fully integrated home-through-store campaign yields the best results. Foresight ROI has combined several studies and created an ROI index benchmark. Shopper programs with only pre-store vehicles net an index of 70, versus a fully integrated pre-store and in-store campaign achieves an index of 121. Leading retailers and consumer goods manufacturers are utilizing this integrated approach to win, instore.

Great Northern Instore is an expert at turning insights into successful activations at the point of purchase. We understand how insights need to tie an integrated campaign together. In fact, we will be presenting at the Path to Purchase Shopper Marketing Expo in October on this very topic. In this presentation, we will highlight how insights help create a successful shopper campaign, with a winning, interactive instore execution. Sign up for the presentation and stop by our booth. If you can’t wait, contact us today! 800.558.4711 | www.www.greatnortherninstore.com

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