Great Northern Instore Announces December Excellence Winner

APPLETON, WI., January 21, 2016 – Great Northern Instore is excited to announce that the winner of the December Instore Excellence Award is our Swedesboro location, for their Logitech Staples Canada PC Gaming and Color Collection Half Pallet work.

The Instore Excellence Award is an internal competition between Great Northern Instore creative teams. Creative team designers and engineers are experts in concept development, ensuring creative and practical solutions that fit seamlessly into the retail environment.

The Swedesboro team was tasked with creating a visually compelling display program for Staples Canada that featured two completely different product lines while maintaining a visual link identifying they are both from the same product company. Logitech hoped to not only have this act as two separate displays, but to also be able to set them back to back creating a full pallet display.

The winning display uses its unique shape and colors to command attention. The playfulness of the yellow along with the pattern characters create a strong visual hook, while the rich black and electric blue combination gives this segment the high end techy look that Logitech is known for.

logitech1 logitech2

Congratulations Great Northern Instore Swedesboro Team!

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