Great Northern Instore Announces March Instore Excellence Winners

APPLETON, WI., May 10, 2016 – Great Northern Instore is excited to announce the latest Instore Excellence Awards winners. The winners are the Chippewa Falls location for their Zelda™ Best Buy Quarter Pallet for Nintendo®, and the Racine location for their Hot Wheels™ “MAKE IT EPIC” Dump Bin.

The Instore Excellence Award is an internal competition between Great Northern Instore creative teams. Creative team designers and engineers are experts in concept development, ensuring creative and practical solutions that fit seamlessly into the retail environment.

The Chippewa Falls team’s objective was to develop a unique and effective freestanding quarter pallet set for the new Zelda™ Game at Best Buy. By using elements from the game the Chippewa Falls team was able to create a dual sided display with exciting visuals to draw customers in.












The Racine team’s objective was to create a high impact merchandising destination to drive impulse purchases of Hot Wheels™ cars, track sets and other track building components. The dramatic oversize track and bold colors of this display create a beacon for the targeted audience. The inclusion of actual track created an additional level of excitement at retail.

Congratulations Great Northern Instore Chippewa Falls and Racine Teams!

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